A Our vision to become international integrated pharmaceutical industries in the region. Our mission to improve the quality of life of all well-being through commitment in innovation, quality, and partnership. 

Puspa Pharma is one of the herbal champions of PUSPA GROUP. Its marketing activities and promotional campaigns have been known as most aggressive and innovative in its industry.

Puspa Pharma made its first debut in the first year the company was established. Its first product, PACEKAP, noni fructus (morinda citrifolia) extract, made a national phenomenal marketing success, being the only herbal product (in its category) to launch extensive television commercials, print and radio advertisement, and aggressive below the line activities. Within months, PACEKAP earned 70% top of mind and its success story was written in major newspapers and business periodicals nationwide.

Driven by the success, Puspa Pharma has also successfully launched its other herbal products in the second year, including PACE TEA, a natural blend of green tea and noni fruit. In 2005, NONI TEA, the export-only rebranding of PACE TEA, is launched in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Malaysia.

As extension of aggressive marketing efforts, Puspa Pharma also established Klub Sehat Diabetes (Diabetes Healthy Community) in 2003 and has over five thousand members in 2005.

Compelled by our commitment to deliver high quality products, our facilities were built more than four decades ago with excellence expertise and numerous experience.

Located in Majalengka – West Java, 2 hours drive from Jakarta, our 40 hectare-square plantation is spread in four main sites with various ground levels to accommodate specific plant requirements of height and climate.

Equipped with herbal extraction facilities and GMP- certificate pharmaceutical facilities, our factory is strategically located within minutes from our plantation sites to allow the freshness of the herbs and fruits.